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Blessmarked Real Estates provide an opportunity for investors to own properties over a wide spectrum of markets and budgets. We believe in making it an enjoyable experience for our investors.

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Blessmarked Real Estates vision is to be a Real Estate Company that is Trustworthy, Predictable and Dependable.

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Blessmarked Real Estates mission is to create a friendly business environment that will give investors an experience of ease.

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Is Raw Land a Good Investment Option in Real Estates?

Land is one of the most solid investments available. It will always be worth something, and there’s little chance of it being stolen. Raw land is undeveloped property with no buildings or other structures — it is still in its natural state. If you’re thinking about investing in it, the trick isn’t so much about […]

The Factors Affecting the Productivity of Land

The factors affecting the productivity of land are discussed below: 1. Fertility of Land: The productivity of land is determined by its natural qualities and its fertility. A flat and leveled land is comparatively more productive than an undulating one. The rich soil is more fertile and productive. However, the agricultural productivity can be improved […]



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